Party Favors

Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about party favors yet and I should be focusing on more important things like decorations instead, but I was checking to see if those flash cards I posted about two weeks ago were in stock yet (not yet, unfortunately) and getting party favors for the other guests crossed my mind. I thought it might be easy to find some, but once again, I just found a bunch of little gifts shaped like penises. All I really found so far that was penis-free were those champagne bottle poppers and these shot glass necklaces. I could throw in some candy, too, but that still doesn’t seem like enough. Or at least, it doesn’t seem like that would make a gift bag that says “bachelorette party.” Those are all things you could get at any party, except maybe the shot glasses. I did find these party favor boxes, though.

So maybe it will be okay if I just put those generic things in a special bachelorette party-themed box? Does anybody else know of any other bachelorette party-themed items I could put in the boxes that aren’t penis-related?

On a side note, I’m probably not going to be posting as frequently now. Autumn is a busy time for me, partially due to my responsibilities and partially by my own choice. My boys go back to school soon, so I’ll be busier because of that. On top of that, Autumn is my favorite month, so I spend a lot more time outdoors. So don’t be surprised if I’m posting less frequently, as planning the party will probably be taking a back seat for a couple of months. But I still have to find everything before the party happens, and I’ll be sure to post everything I find.