A sexy accessory

I was looking at that page of rings one last time, just to make sure I didn't miss any other options, when something else listed in that category caught my eye: garters. And I thought that that might be a fun accessory for Laura to wear to feel sexy. Now, I know what a lot of you are probably thinking: doesn't that go against the "classy" theme of the party? Well I say "not really." Garters can give off a very sophisticated and classy type of sexy look, like Victorian, almost. And I was able to find some that look pretty classy to me. For example:

This pink lace garter isn't too complex, but it does look very classy and pretty. I think it would match all the other pink accessories and clothes very well. Some people might say it looks a little too flashy, but I don't think so, from that picture.

The other good one I found is the flashing bride-to-be garter. Okay, so the fact that it flashes doesn't scream "class", but not every little thing has to. The garter itself looks pretty classy to me, and I'm sure Laura would think the flashing bride-to-be emblem was fun. Of course, if you really want something fun, I found one other garter that I'm thinking about for the pure fun factor:

A candy garter! It's all the fun of a candy necklace with the added sexiness of a garter. I don't know how she would go about eating it, though. I guess she couldn't while she's wearing it. Still, it's cute and fun and I think she'd enjoy it. So the question is, should I go tasty or classy for the garter? And if I go with one of the classier ones, which one? I'll have to give this some thought and get back to you, but as always, feel free to voice your opinions as comments - I could always use some help deciding!