Other Kits

Okay, okay, before you say anything, this isn’t me being even more indecisive. I decided on the kit that I picked last time. But while I was still deciding I went looking for other options and found a couple more kits, so I thought I’d post those in case anybody else might like them. Actually, one of them is completely unrelated, and I might get it too. Take a look:

This kit isn’t a decorating kit, like the others, but rather a dress-up kit for the bachelorette. I kind of like it. The colors are fun. It looks a little childish, though. Just because there’s no penises on any of the items doesn’t mean they’re classy, and I don’t really think they are. I do want to find some fun accessories for Laura, but these aren’t the ones. I just thought I’d post it in case anybody else likes it.
And here’s
the other kit I’m posting for all of your benefits:

It’s another decoration kit, but with added things like a shirt and tiara and some games, too. So it’s even bigger than the kit I’m getting. Unfortunately, that means it’s more expensive, too. I like all of the items in here (or most of them, anyways) but I don’t need all of them, so some of them might go to waste. But I can see it being perfect for some parties. Also, I think I should note that it does include one penis-shaped item - some mints, called pecker mints - but you could easily just not use those at the party. I don’t think they contribute much to the cost of the kit, so it’s probably not a big deal. Anyways, I just thought I’d post those kits in case any of you girls like the look of them and might be interested, even though I’m not. Now it’s back to looking for things I might actually use...