Picture Frame

I’m still not having any luck finding good bachelorette-themed party favors that aren’t penis-shaped. Frankly, I don’t even know what exactly to look for. I don’t know what possible party favors there could be out there. But I did find something while I was looking for party favor ideas. It’s not really a party favor per say but it’s something I thought I could give to all of the guests. Here it is:

This picture frame is pretty cute, and it’s only a dollar, so I should definitely be able to get one for all of the guests. I’m sure we’ll take plenty of good pictures the night of the party, so this will be a great way to remember the night. After all, depending on how much some of the girls drink, they might need some help remembering! Well, hopefully that won’t happen. And either way, it’ll be good for everyone to have this cute little reminder of the night. I just hope we get some good pictures to put in the frames! I think this is a pretty good idea so I’m sharing it with you girls. Even if you don’t normally take a lot of pictures, chances are someone will take some on the night of the bachelorette party. And some have got to be good, right? So this should be a fun souvenir to give out for the guests to remember the night. I’m hoping so, at least.