Possible Party Favor

I just discovered a new item at the website I’ve been shopping for the party at, and I think it could be something I want to get. If you remember, I was talking about how few party favors there are that aren’t penises. Well, I think they just added this to their party favor section, and there’s not a penis in sight. Take a look at these “Diss-Cards”:

What they are is business cards with fake names and companies but real phone numbers. The phone numbers go to some automated message telling the guy the number’s fake, like that rejection hotline I heard about a couple years ago. So it’s a good way to get men who you aren’t interested in away from you and make them think they got your number. This could be sort of fun. I know at least three of the girls at the party would absolutely love to have something like this available, and I’m sure all the others would as well. I don’t know how common it is for a girl to give a guy in a bar a business card, so it could be seen as kind of fishy, but I suppose a guy’s not going to call you out on it at the bar. So this could be a fun little gift to include in my party favor boxes, but they could still use some more items. So I’ll keep looking!