Game idea

One of the things I was dreading most about planning this bachelorette party was finding good games to play that would be appropriate for Laura’s party. I know I posted those “Wedding Trivia” and “Drink Master Says” games a while ago, but I was worried that wouldn’t be enough. “Drink Master Says” looks fun and I still intend to get it, but the wedding trivia, on second thought, looks quite boring. I knew one game wouldn’t take up enough time, so I knew I had to find another one that the girls might actually want to play. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon an idea when I was reading another woman’s blog: Bachelorette Mad Libs!

Everyone loves mad libs. This will be a great fun game for us to play, and it’s only as raunchy or inappropriate as the girls make it! If a dirty word or two gets snuck in there, that will be fine, because it’s all up to us to create the game. Either way, I’m sure it will be very fun! I think I remember that Laura used to like playing mad libs when we were younger, and I bet most of the other girls did too. And I love them as well! I’m glad I found this. Hopefully between this and drink master says, our entertainment will be set for the evening, although I think I’ll keep looking in case any more really good ideas spring up at me. I’ll let you know if I find anything new!