Out of stock possible gift

Well, shoot.

I decided that the next thing I’d search for would be a gift for Laura, since I plan on telling all the guests to bring gifts for her to the party. Something fun and marriage themed, without penises.  Well, I found the perfect thing:
husband training flash cards.

It’s a set of fifty cards, all with different tips on how to train the groom-to-be on how to be a better husband. And the groom could certainly use some help in that department. He’s a great guy and he’s perfect for Laura, don’t get me wrong on that – he’s just not the most self-sufficient and reliable man in the world, and she knows it. That’s why I thought these cards would be a perfect gift for her. But it seems that they’re out of stock, unfortunately. I still have time before the party, so I hope they get more in before then. But in the mean time, I suppose I’ll start looking around for other potential gifts for Laura.