Laura's Button

My button conundrum is solved! I found a special button for Laura to wear so that I can get two of those sets of eight with the dresses for the rest of us. Well, actually, I found two buttons that Laura could wear. So even though the problem of which button set I’m going to get is solved, it raises another problem: which button am I going to get for Laura? Well, I suppose if I’m asking you, I should let you see them, right? Here they are:

I’m surprised I didn’t see this one before - it pretty clearly goes along with the set of smaller ones with the pink dress designs. You’d think they would link to each other on the pages, but I guess not. But this button was literally made to go with the other ones, and it is cute, and it would make Laura stand out, but I’m still hesitant. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this button, it’s just that I found another special button that I think I like more.

Why do I like this one more? Simple: it lights up, and that’s sure to make Laura stand out! Now, I know it’s not about which I like more, but I’m not really sure what Laura would prefer. I know, it probably seems silly to you that I’m deliberating over something as little as buttons, but I really want this party to be as perfect as possible. So I think I’ll ask Patty for her opinion, and we’ll just have to make our best guess about which one to go with. I have a feeling she’ll lean toward the one that matches the button set, but we’ll see. Of course, if any of you have any opinions or input, I’d be happy to hear it, but otherwise I’ll let you know what we decide!