Bachelorette Party Buttons

First of all, I have to give credit where credit is due: my friend Patty first suggested this idea to me a long time ago, when we first started planning the party, and I didn’t remember it until just now. Well, anyways, the idea is that I get one of those sets of buttons that identify everyone in the bachelorette party. I’ve seen them a couple of times as I’ve been passing through the website but I never really paid them much attention. But now that I have, I think it’s a great idea! It’s a fun little way for us all to get in the spirit without having to wear entire matching outfits (although something tells me Patty hasn’t ruled that out, either). So, there are two sets that I’m trying to decide between. Here they are:

The first one is a set of six that comes with special buttons for the bride-to-be, the maid of honor, and the mother of the bride, and then three normal bridesmaid buttons. The second one is a set of eight and it comes with buttons for the mother of the groom and the flower girl too but none for the bride. At Laura’s wedding, the flower girl’s going to be her seven year old niece, so I don’t think she’ll be coming to the bachelorette party. The groom’s mother isn’t coming, either. So those would be two wasted buttons. But I definitely like the design on that set more. The little pink dress design is so cute! I’ll have to get two sets to have enough for all the bridesmaids no matter which of these sets I pick, so the wasted buttons aren’t a big deal but I think the only real deal breaker is that there’s no button for the bride-to-be herself in this kit. But maybe I can find one just by itself that will make Laura stand out. Maybe that would actually be better! I think I’ll look for one of those, and if I don’t find a good one, I’ll get the set of six, but if I do, I’ll get it and the set of eight. Wow, I can’t believe I made that decision so easily - if I keep figuring things out like that so easy, the rest of the planning will be a cinch!