Ring for Laura

Okay, first of all, me and Patty talked about the buttons and we decided that we're going to go with the one that matches all the other buttons. Not only does it match, but it's also bigger than the light-up one, and we decided Laura would probably prefer it to the light-up one anyways. So that's what we decided as far as buttons go. But while I was looking at the buttons again, I noticed that they also sell another type of accessory that I think we should get for Laura: fake engagement rings! I know she would think something like that was funny. So here are two of the best ones I found:

This one is a light-up ring that comes in either pink or silver. It's not trying to be a realistic ring, it's just a fun cute little design. Plus, it lights up, which is always fun. Then there's this:

This one is called the 10,000 carat engagement ring, so it already has the funny name putting points in its favor. It's designed to look more like a real diamond ring (but waaay exaggerated) which is a fun idea I think. It's very sparkly and big, I just wonder if it might be too big and not stay on Laura's finger! Now, I bet you're thinking I like the light-up ring more because I liked the light-up button more, right? Well, you're wrong! I actually like this big fake diamond ring better. I think it would be very funny to her (and funny for the rest of us to see her wear it!) So I'm leaning toward this one. In fact, I think I might just choose it, right now. It's about time I actually be decisive and choose something without a week of deliberation, right? Okay! I choose this one!

... Unless I find something better. :) I'll talk to all of you next time!