Rings for the rest of us!

I know I said I already decided on Laura's ring a couple of weeks ago, but by now you probably kind of know how I am about these things... you know I couldn't help but go back and take another look. Now, don't worry, I didn't end up flip-flopping and changing my mind again, but I did discover something that I had missed last time - this!

It's a pack of six "light up bling rings!" I saw these and thought they would be absolutely perfect for the rest of us to wear at the party. They don't match Laura's ring, because I didn't choose the glowing one for her, but I have a feeling we've got enough matching clothing and accessories already that nobody will have any problems telling that we're all together! I'll have to buy two sets of these rings to get one for every guest, though, and then I'll have a couple of extras - maybe i'll give those to Laura to wear in addition to her other ring! I wonder what she'll think about us piling all of these accessories on her to wear... by the time we're through picking things out for her, I wonder if she'll even be able to move at the party! Well, we'll just have to see, because somehow I doubt me and the other girls are done finding things, so of course, whenever we find something else, I'll be sure to post it here to let you all know how the search is going!